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Mackenzie King Open Scholarship

February 1, 0

(National) Canada

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Mackenzie King Scholarships

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The Mackenzie King Open Scholarship is open to graduates of any Canadian university who engage in (commence or continue) postgraduate study in any field, in Canada or elsewhere.

One Open Scholarship is awarded annually. Its value has lately been $9,000 but is subject to change.

Selecting the Winners

The awards will be based on high academic achievements (typically all A’s or very nearly so), personal qualities, and demonstrated aptitudes. Consideration will also be given to the applicant’s proposed program of study.

The awards will be made by, and at the sole discretion of, the Board of Scholarship of Trustees.

The Selection Process

Your home university will forward to the Board of Scholarship Trustees a short-list of its recommended candidates together with their applications, and will advise all of its applicants of the outcome of this internal competition.

Decisions in the national competition are usually announced by the end of April. The results will include a list of alternative recipients for the event that a scholarship is declined by a candidate to whom it is offered. Alternative recipients will be notified if they are placed on the list.

Administration of the Scholarship

A candidate may not hold a Mackenzie King Scholarship at the same time as other scholarships without the written approval of the Board of Scholarship Trustees.

This approval is usually given provided that the candidate’s total scholarship support, including the Mackenzie King Scholarship, does not exceed a maximum amount defined by the Board. Lately the maximum amount has been the candidate’s expected tuition fees plus C$15,000, but it is subject to change.

Acceptance of the scholarship implies an obligation on the part of the recipient to devote him or himself fully to the program of study outlined in the application. Any proposed change of plan must be submitted to the Board for approval.

Payment of the Award

Each scholarship will normally be paid in two installments. The first, amounting to 60% of the award, will be paid shortly before the holder commences his or her postgraduate studies.

Payment of the first installment is conditional upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the candidate has been admitted into the graduate program in respect of which the scholarship application was submitted.

The second installment is paid midway through the period of tenure of the scholarship. Payment of the second installment is conditional upon the Board’s receiving satisfactory mid-tenure reports both from the holder and from the principal supervisor of her or his studies.

Holders are also asked to submit a final report at the end of their tenure of the scholarship.

Please visit http://www.mkingscholarships.ca/how-to-apply.html to find the application and its procedures.

All documents that are needed (visit site for info) must be received by your home university by February 1.