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The Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge

June 30, 2017


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Anna Lino

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The DO School - Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge

You are driven by a meaningful vision. You are brimming with bright ideas. You want to make a real difference, perhaps with a business that benefits the community. Or a project in the cultural sector. Or with a technology that addresses a specific problem in your home country. What are you waiting for? Let’s turn your ideas into action. The DO School helps you do what you believe in.
The Entrepreneurship for Good Program is a one year funded fellowship, that empowers bright young minds from all over the globe to build their venture at the same time as solving real life challenges.

The latest edition of the program is concerned with “The Future of Audio Entertainment”: six major German radio stations, Axel Springer and The DO School challenge you to develop and beta-test an online format or platform that will catapult audio entertainment forward so that it can fulfil its mission of providing quality editorial information and entertainment in new and innovative ways. The solution that you will co-create with the other 19 Fellows during the Challenge Lab should be based on a sustainable business model, seize on new ways of making audio content available, and strengthen the traditional role of radio as a public service provider in our digital age.

The DO School - Future of Audio Entertainment Challenge

How the program works
Incubation Phase
First, you’ll be spending 10 weeks on campus to get all the skills you need to make your vision a reality!
Joining forces with other Fellows from all over the globe and using the DO School Method, you will be attending three courses in which you:
Work on a real-life business challenge set by a major organization in the Challenge Lab
Get your own venture ready for implementation in the Venture Lab
Learn the necessary storytelling and communications skills in the Media Lab
Implementation Phase
Back at home, it’s time to get your idea off the ground!
You’ll be implementing your venture in your home country — using the skills you learnt in the Incubation Phase.
But no worries, we won’t leave you to your own devices. Over the course of the next 10 months, you can count on DO School support from your mentors, the DO School program team, and your peers. The DO School’s online platform makes it easy for you to get feedback and pick up more skills and knowledge along the way.

What you get
1 Get the skills
The Entrepreneurship for Good Program kicks off with an intensive ten-week learning experience on campus (Berlin or New York City). Faced with a concrete innovation challenge set by a major organization, you and 19 other Fellows will learn how to apply the DO School Method to conceive, plan, test, and implement a solution.
2 Learn from the best
Renowned experts will share their wide entrepreneurial experience with you. Our Fellows have had the chance to hone a variety of skills in challenges set by H&M, Messe Berlin, the New York Mayor’s Office and in collaboration with Nobel prize nominees, tech gurus’ and experienced entrepreneurs.
3 Bring your idea to life
During the ten weeks on campus, you will already be working on getting your own venture ready by gaining innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Back home, you will spend the next ten months bringing your idea to success, benefitting from close mentoring and the DO School’s support and coaching structure.

Want to find out more? Take a look at our website: http://thedoschool.org/blog/uncategorized/futureofaudio/

Application link: apply.thedoschool.org/enter/74