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CPS 101: Key Techniques and Principles.

(National) Nigeria

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My Nigeria Online (MyNOL)

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You may already be delivering training and presentations, or have done so in the past. Perhaps you want to start providing training. You have an excellent understanding of a topic and your organisation’s priorities, yet you also want to develop your training skills, be able to design your approach differently, learn new techniques, or build the confidence needed to conduct your own training sessions. This practical course will give you the skills and self-confidence to capture and hold the trainee’s attention and enthusiasm, supply you with creative and dynamic learning methods, and help you improve your communication and presentation skills.

After the course, you will be able to:

- Communicate more effectively with increased self-confidence and presence.
- Assess training needs and set learning objectives.
- Design and facilitate participatory training sessions.
- Deliver content in a logical, simple and engaging manner.
- Use creative and stimulating delivery formats to communicate often dry or complex material.
- Incorporate creative and fun exercises into your training sessions.
- Assess the results of your training.

Training methodology:
Our approach to training is encapsulated in the words of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher: ‘I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.’

We run this course as an interactive session with plenty of opportunity for attendees to practice, share, and learn how to handle various training challenges. You will also actively plan a training session, practice your skills in delivering mini-presentations, and receive valuable, targeted feedback.

This two-day course is limited to 10 participants to ensure sufficient time to address individual needs and encourage personal development.

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My Nigeria Online (MyNOL)

Purpose -to induce a culture of productive actions that will promote spiritual, economic and political growth and development without interference in choice or right of citizen and promote peace and unity in the country via cross-pollination of information and ideas, training camps and collective...